We are taking safety and cleaniness very seriously. You MUST adhere to the guidelines.

In order to ensure we can offer a safe environment we will be limiting class size to 10 people per class. This will require you to sign up for classes beforehand so we can manage class size.

Our guidelines are as follows:
– Wash and/or sanitize your hands as you enter KettleFlex
– Make sure to wipe down the equipment after use
– Keep a safe distance from other members
– If you are sick or not feeling well, STAY HOME.


Will I be required to wear a mask during the workout?

We strongly encourage our members to wear a mask during their workout. However if you  prefer not to wear a mask during your workout we respect your choice and will space out members in a safe distance to insure safety and comfort of everyone.

How is KettleFlex managing spacing during and safety workouts?

We have indicators on the floor designating approriate spacing according to current recommended guidelines for each member, additionally each member will keep their equpment for the duration of the class , clean and disinfect it at the end of class before returning it to the proper place.

What makes KettleFlex different from other facilities?

We have high cielings, a large open garage door and large fans to allow for ventilation, additionally we have a private shaded outdoor area if you choose to workout outside

What steps is KettleFlex taking to keep the gym clean and sanitary?

In addition to having the members clean and disinfect their area after workouts, we are setting aside time between classes to mop the floors and disinfect the equipment.

At the end of our morning and evening workout we are “Fogging” the gym daily.

Advantages of ULV fogger

-ULVs are used to treat airspace with either water- or alcohol-based formulations. Alcohol-based formulations produce smaller sized droplets.

-Droplets can stay suspended in the air for five or six hours instead of a few minutes with a wet fogger/ mister, allowing for better penetration.

-The chance of over-wetting materials is greatly reduced when compared with wet (tri-jet) foggers.

-Good for application inside of forced-air ventilation systems and in crawl spaces.

I would like to join, but dont feel comfortable working out in a class setting, what are my options?

We offer 1 on 1 in person training as well as virtual training.

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